This Is All About You! 
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For Heaven Sake!

Artist and Musician Terry Lee Here!

Who are we?

This Is All About You!

And there is no I in you!

So Its Us!

    Working together as a collective effort 4 Heaven Sake!

I want to feed people in every large city of this country as possible. Gathering of Communities gathering for food and music! You see I played guitar for a lady named Nadine which was a cancer survivor in Dayton, Ohio who fed people at a place downtown every Sunday. She had people from around the community that helped and it was such an honor and a privilege to be there.  Nadine has the "Heart For The Homeless". I was introduced by an ex-outlaw named Micky Wax, Nadine was Micky's hero. They made large kettles of food and she got donations from some really good folks there in Dayton. We met some of the most beautiful people and I was bringing musician friends there and they were truly blessed as we were humbled. I thank God for the opportunity. We weren't looking for fame of fortune from the charity and talent that was shared there. I have a vision of playing for more people. I am looking for people to help me fulfill this vision one city at a time, meanwhile bringing communities together in the process.

    If you are interested in being blessed. Enjoy live music, we are getting right on peoples levels. We Need Each Other! Everyone is important we all need each other more now than ever.

                                                      Sincerely, T.Lee

If you love to cook, If you want to serve, If you are clergy wanting to get more involved, a teen center, elderly centers, everybody loves Granny's Cooking or Grandpa's Best Barbecue, please we need you! I am calling all musicians to battle now! If you are a "successful musician" and are looking to help out we need you. Get involved by helping us financially and I will come to your town or city and we will plan the first one now! And if you carry it on on your own or want me to stay involved I will personally be there for you. If you carry on you can request any musician that signs up here on our list for specially planned events. Time to go now will be in touch!

                                   General Hairy T. Lee

  A friend that was lead guitarist for Barbara Mandrel 10 yrs. once said to me that we as musicians had a pulpit so to speak, ......after years of letting that sink in I realize who Joshua was, or King David as a young man playing his harp for the king to comfort his heart.

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